Break Out S2 (5): Maxim Amelin (Russia), Liu Wenfei (China) and Xu Manlin (China)







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January 22, 2022 (Saturday), 8p.m. (GMT + 8)

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Maxim AMELIN (Russia) is a poet, scholar of poetry, essayist, translator and publisher. He graduated from the Commercial College in Kursk, served in the Soviet Army and studied at the Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow. He has published four books of poetry and a collection of poems, articles and essays. He has translated Greek and Latin classics (Pindar, Catullus and Carmina Priapea) and contemporary Georgian, Italian and Ukrainian poets. Amelin edited and annotated editions of Russian poets from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, as well as numerous poetry anthologies of Russian and Georgian poetry. He was the initiator and curator of the Anthology of Contemporary Poetry of the Peoples of Russia in 57 languages. Amelin is a member of the Russian PEN-Club and the Guild of Literary Translators. He serves as editor-in-chief of OGI Publishing House.

Liu Wenfei, writer, translator of Russian literature, professor and doctoral supervisor of Capital Normal University, scholar Yanjing, vice president of Chinese Association for Russia, East Europe & Central Asia Studies, Fulbright fellow at Yale University, laureate of Russian Friendship Order, Top 10 Uutstanding Figures of Chinese-Russian Humanity Cooperation, Academician Likhachev Award, Read Russia Prize, Wenjin Prize of Chinese National Library, October Prize and etc. More than 60 monographs, essay collections and translations, such as Selected Poems of Pushkin, The Letters of 1926 (Rilke, Pasternak, and Tsvetaeva), A History of Russian Culture, Hope Against Hope, On Grief and Reason, A History of Russian Literature, The Organic Composition of Russian Literature, Lectures on Russian Literature.

Manlin XU, Doctor of Literature, Professor of Russian Literature, Dean of School of Russian, Sichuan International Studies University, member of the National Administration Committee on Teaching Russian Language, director of the National Association of Russian Literature, Jialing Scholar of Sichuan International Studies University, Winner of prizes such as Teaching of Excellence. Taking Russian literature and translation study as her areas of interest, Manlin XU has so far published a lot, including books such as The Moon of the Silver Age, journal papers such as The Connective Poet between the Classical and the Modern, translations such as Selected Poems by Maxim Amelin.