df – IPNHK 2019 Musicians

df is a band founded by two electronic musicians: dj dee and fish.the, aiming to explore the possibilities of electronic music under the contemporary society, times, and issues. Blending both electronic musicians’ experience and the current mood creation, the band style is beyond definitive description. dj dee is a code name of Dickson Dee, a music producer and experimental musician from Hong Kong. When Dickson Dee released an album PAST under Tzadik label (USA) in 1995, John Zorn, the Tzadik founder and famous avant-garde musicians in America, suggested he develop the sampling technique in the album and conceived a code “dj dee” based on Dickson’s family name. dj dee’s music is developed with the techniques of sampling and sound collage, and with the full use of electronic instruments. However, the music style is not fixed. Dance music, ambient music, sampling and sound collage, experimental sound can emerge in his works. In 2002, dj dee released the first album Sunday and won the “New Music Award” of “Chinese Music Media Awards”.

fish.the (Huang Kai Yu), tagged as “the professor of Taiwanese electronica”, has been engaged in electronic music and worked as a DJ for nearly 20 years, mastering all kinds of electronic instruments. He has been appointed as the digital music lecturer in Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan since 2007 and he joined in plenty of score work in advertisements, theaters, new media and documentaries. In 2003, with Lim Giong, an electronic musician in Taiwan and one of the important member of New Taiwanese Song Campaign, Huang made music for the film Millennium Mambo directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien. They won the Golden Horse Award for “Best Original Music for Film”. They also wrote 2001 Electronic Dance Music Bible, which is the first Chinese reference book for electronic music. His music combines a wide range of experimental elements including industry, ambience, temple fairs soundscape in Taiwan. Through the adjustment of instruments and the sampling of daily sound, his music creates varied and rich sound fields.

In the International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong this year, df will make the music for the short film Looking For You directed by Zhang Chu, a rock musician in China and the music material will be developed into the first album of df.

df是兩位電子音樂家dj dee與fish.the在近年經過多次交流後決定發起的音樂組合,旨在探索電子音樂在當下社會、時代、議題下的可能性,風格無法固定與描述,融匯兩位電子音樂人的經驗和閱歷,以及當下情緒的創作。dj dee是香港音樂製作人,實驗音樂家李勁松(Dickson Dee)投向電子音樂的創作代號,該代號源於1995年李勁松在紐約廠牌Tzadik出版專輯PAST時,廠牌主腦美國著名先鋒音樂家John Zorn建議與希望李勁松能繼續發展專輯中的採樣手法,並以他的姓為其構思了「DJ Dee」的代號。 DJ Dee的音樂在採樣拼貼的基礎上發展出來,全盤使用電子樂器。但音樂風格卻並非固定,跳舞音樂、環境音樂、採樣拼貼、實驗聲響都可能出現在其作品中。2002年,DJ Dee出版首張專輯Sunday,並獲大陸「華語傳媒音樂大獎」的「新音樂大獎」。