Yasuhiro YOTSUMOTO – IPNHK 2019


Yasuhiro YOTSUMOTO (Japan) is a poet, essayist, literary critic and translator, living in Munich, Germany. His debut A Laughing Bug was published in 1991, followed by eight collections of poetry. His Afternoon of Forbidden Words (2003) won the Yamamoto Kenichi Award and Prisoner of Japanese the Ayukawa Nobuo Award. His works have been translated into various languages. He is the Japanese editor of Poetry International Web and is on the editorial board of the poetry magazine Beagle in Japan.

四元康祐,日本詩人、隨筆作家、文學批評家和翻譯家,現居德國慕尼黑。首部詩集《大笑的臭蟲》出版於1991年,其後八本詩集相繼出版,其中《午後禁語》(2003)獲狄原朔太郎獎,《日本囚徒》獲鮎川信夫獎。四元康祐作品經翻譯成多種語言。他是Poetry International Web的日語編輯,也是詩歌雜誌Beagle的編輯。