Tom Thiel – IPNHK 2019 Musicians

Tom Thiel

Tom Thiel began his career as a recording engineer, working with Marc Almond, Siouxsie and the Banshees, ELO, Yello and many more artists in the eighties. Moving to Berlin in 1988, he became a member of Fischerman’s Friend, which released one album on Phonogram. It is also regarded as the predecessor of SUN ELECTRIC. After the split of the band in 1991, Max Loderbauer and Tom founded SUN ELECTRIC. It became one of the most important representatives in the German psychedelic electronic music circle in the 1990s. Focusing on ambient, the group was active in European and British electronic music markets. With the unique audio mixing technique, they created an incredible psychedelic music space. After the split of S.E. in 2001, Tom and his friend Daniel Meteo founded BUS. In 2011 Tom finally released his first solo album Tom Thiel on Shitkatapult and was active in electronic music field in Europe.

湯姆.蒂爾早期從錄音室工程師起步踏入音樂創作,當時合作的音樂家與樂隊都是八〇年代顯赫的名字,Marc Almond、Siouxsie and the Banshees、ELO、Yello等等。 1988年移居柏林,加入組合Fischerman’s Friend並參與了一張專輯的錄製,這也被視為SUN ELECTRIC的前身。九〇年代初,蒂爾與樂隊的成員Max Loderbauer組成了經典電子組合SUN ELECTRIC,成為九〇年代德國迷幻電子音樂圈裡重要的代表名字之一,組合以環境音樂(Ambient)為創作重心,活躍於歐洲和英國電子音樂市場,其獨特的合成混音手法,營造出不可思議的迷幻音樂空間。2001年,組合解散,蒂爾與另一電子樂手Daniel Meteo另組BUS。 2011年,他終於出版個人首張專輯Tom Thiel,繼續活躍在歐洲電子音樂界。