Dmitry Vedenyapin – IPNHK 2017

Dmitry Vedenyapin
 Dmitry Vedenyapin 德米特里•維傑尼亞賓
(1959- )RUSSIA 俄羅斯

Dmitry Vedenyapin was born in Moscow in 1959 and started writing poetry when he was about seventeen years old. He has published six books of poems: Protecting Veil, 1993, Grass and Smoke, 2002, Between the Cupboard and the Sky, 2009, What Does the Sun Beam Mean, 2010, Glass Laughs, Cigarette Sobs, 2015, and Home Perfomances, 2015. His translations of poetry and prose [British, American, French and German classical and contemporary authors] have been published in various almanacs, anthologies, newspapers, books, and the magazine Inostrannaya Literatura. Vedenyapin won a few literary prizes including Crown (an annual award given by the Union of Moscow Writers for outstanding achievements in the field of literature) in 2004 and Moscow Score for the best poetry book in 2010. Vedenyapin is currently teaching poetry at the Institute of Literary Arts and Journalism. He also hosts a cultural program at the Pasternak Museum and lives in Moscow.