Conchitina Cruz – IPNHK 2013

Conchitina Cruz
Conchitina Cruz 康慈天娜.告魯茲
Manila 菲律賓

Conchitina Cruz was born in Manila. She teaches creative writing and literature at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. Her books of poetry include Dark Hours (UP Press, 2005), which received the National Book Award for Poetry, and elsewhere held and lingered (High Chair, 2008).

Together with Adam David and Delilah Aguilar, she is the co-author of A Catalogue of Clothes for Sale from the Closet of Christine Abella—perpetual student, ukay fan, and compulsive traveler (The Youth & Beauty Brigade, 2012) She served as co-editor of High Chair 12, a three-part issue of the journal devoted to the Maguindanao Massacre of 2009, and the Kritika Kultura Anthology of New Philippine Writing in English (English Department, Ateneo de Manila U, March 2011).

A recipient of Fulbright and Rockefeller Foundation grants, she has published her poetry in Philippine and American journals. Together with a few other Manila-based writers, Cruz runs a small press called The Youth & Beauty Brigade.

She is currently pursuing a PhD in English at the University at Albany, State University of New York.

康慈天娜.告魯茲出生於菲律賓馬尼拉,在菲律賓大學迪利曼分校教授創意寫作和文學。她的詩歌作品包括獲得國家詩歌圖書獎的《黑暗時刻》(UP Press 2005);《別處徘徊》(High Chair 2008)。

告魯茲與阿當.大衞、德拉娜.阿奎拉合作出版了《克莉絲汀.阿貝拉壁櫥裏的服裝目錄——永久學生、烏凱粉絲和強迫性遊客》(The Youth & Beauty Brigade, 2012)。她曾擔任High Chair 12的聯合編輯,該雜誌三分一內容為關注2009年馬京達瑙省大屠殺。

告魯茲也是《Kritika Kultura新菲律賓英文寫作選》(馬尼拉雅典耀大學英語系,2011年3月)的編輯之一。她是傅爾布萊特和洛克菲勒基金會的受資助人,她在菲律賓和美國期刊上發表詩作。她還和幾位馬尼拉詩人一起,經營一家名為青春美麗旅(The Youth & Beauty Brigade)的小型出版社。