Christopher Chaplin – IPNHK 2019 Musicians

Christopher Chaplin

British experimental musician and composer, the youngest son of mime master Charles Chaplin, Christopher Chaplin studied piano with Swiss pianist Irene Denereaz in his early years and emigrated to London in the 1980s. After being an actor for a period of time, he became a full-time musician in 2005, creating a large number of music for the theatre.

Ingeniously combining experimental electronics with contemporary chamber music and classical texts, Chaplin’s music interweaves a high-density and exquisite poetic atmosphere. In 2009 he was invited by Viennese electronic music label Fabrique Records to collaborate with Thomas Pötz aka Kava on Seven Echoes, a concept album released in 2010 and presented live at the well-known Art Brut Museum Gugging in Austria for the first time. There he also met electronic music pioneer Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Cluster, Harmonia) who later invited Christopher to take part in a Late Junction live session for Londons BBC Radio 3. The result of this second collaboration led to another collaboration album King of Hearts. In the following years, Chaplin and Roedelius performed around the world; these were largely improvised performances with Roedelius on piano and electronics, and Chaplin on synthesizers and orchestral samples. Amongst others they captivated audiences in Paris (Silencio), Reykjavik (Extreme Chill Festival), Sao Paulo (Sesc Belenzinho), Barcelona (Primavera Festival), Tiradendes (Mimo Festival), Madeira (MMiFF Festival) or Berlin (Haus der Kulturen der Welt). Often supported by Luma Launisch live video projections.

October 2016 finally saw the release of Christopher Chaplin’s highly acclaimed first solo album Je suis le Ténébreux. Inspired by a sixteenth century text, Chaplin made fascinating experiment music that was praised to represent mysterious aspects of ancient cultures of the famous Italian historical city Bologna, such as alchemists, astrologers, witches and pagans. In the followed new epic solo album Paradise Lost, basing on John Milton’s same name epic published in 1967, Chaplin cooperated with amazing American vocalist and poet Leslie Winer and British tenor Nathan Vale, and again combined experimental electronic with chamber and contemporary music approaches, creating amazing epic soundscapes.

Following the first two albums, Chaplin’s third personal trilogy is scheduled to be released in 2020, and his latest album is published with Stereo Hypnosis, the Irish Electronics Trio, which includes a series of improvised and live environmental music recordings they made in Southern Ireland in 2018.

克里斯托弗.卓別林 ,英國實驗音樂家及作曲家,默劇大師卓別林最小的兒子,早年跟隨瑞士鋼琴家Irene Denereaz學習鋼琴,八〇年代移居倫敦。從事過一段時間的影視演出,直至2005年開始成為全職音樂家,創作大量為劇場所寫的配樂。

卓別林的音樂,將實驗電子與室內現代音樂、古典主義文本相結合,交織出一種高密細緻的詩意氣氛。2009年,他受維也納電子廠牌Fabrique Records的邀請,聯同電子音樂家Thomas Pötz發表了專輯Seven Echoes,並在奧地利著名的Museum Gugging作該專輯的現場演出。他在那裏遇到傳奇Krautrock樂隊Cluster成員,有電子音樂先驅之稱的Hans-Joachim Roedelius。受Roedelius的邀請,兩人一同在世界各地合作演出,發表專輯King of Hearts,更在BBC Radio 3的Late Junction演出,其他演出的舞台還包括巴黎的Silencio俱樂部、雷克雅未克的Extreme Chill Festival,巴西聖保羅的Sesc Belenzinho文化中心、巴塞羅那的Primavera Festival、馬德拉的MMiFF Festival以及柏林的世界文化宮(Haus derKulturen der Welt)等等。

2016年,卓別林發表了個人正式的首張專輯Je suis le Ténébreux,該專輯普一出版即廣受好評,卓別林在十六世紀文本的啟發下做出迷一般的實驗聲響,獲讚譽復辟意大利歷史名城博洛尼亞,曾經因煉金術士、占星家、女巫和異教徒等古老文化的神秘一面。隨後的第二張專輯Paradise Lost,卓別林以英國詩人John Milton的同名史詩為文本和基礎,與美國歌手兼詩人Leslie Winer和英國男高音Nathan Vale合作,再次把實驗電子音樂和現代室內樂有機結合,創作出史詩般的聲音音景,令人驚嘆。

繼前兩張專輯,卓別林的個人三部曲第三部已計劃於2020年推出,同時,他最新的專輯是與愛爾蘭電子三人組Stereo Hypnosis一同發表,收錄他們2018年在南愛爾蘭做的一系列即興和環境音樂現場錄音。