Ana BLANDIANA (Romania) is a poet, essayist and prose writer, civic right activist and legendary figure in Romanian culture. She has authored eighteen books of poetry, two books of short stories, seven books of essays and one novel that have been translated into twenty-six languages and grouped into eighty books of poetry and prose to date. Blandiana was the co-founder and president of the Civic Alliance from 1990. She also re-founded and became the president of the Romanian PEN Club in 1990. Under the aegis of the European Community, she created the Memorial to the Victims of Communism (1993), distinguished with the European Heritage Label. Her numerous international literary prizes include the Herder Prize, the European Poet of Freedom Prize and the Griffin Trust for Excellence in Poetry. In recognition of her contribution to European culture and her valiant fight for human rights, Blandiana was awarded the highest distinction of the French Republic the Légion d’Honneur (2009) while the State Department of the United States distinguished her with the Romanian Women of Courage Award (2014).