Yao Feng – IPNHK 2011

Yao Feng
Yao Feng 姚風
Macau 澳門

Yao Feng (Macau) was born in Beijing but now lives in Macau. He is Associate Professor at the University of Macau’s Portuguese Department. Yao has published widely in terms of poems, translation and prose. His books of Chinese and Portuguese poems include Writing on the Wings of the Wind, One Horizon – Two Views, A Noite Deita-se Comigo, Faraway Song and When the Fish Close Their Eyes. His books of translation include Selecta de Poetas Portugueses Contemporâneos, Anthologie of Eugénio de Andrade and Um Barco Remenda o Mar, etc. Yao was the winner of the 14th Rougang Poetry Award in 2004. In 2006, he was awarded Ordem Militar de Santiago de Espada medal by the President of Portugal and in 2009 he held the installation exhibition ‘Belonging’ .

姚風1958年生於北京,現居澳門,任教於澳門大學葡文系。發表過大量詩歌、翻譯和隨筆作品。著有中文和葡文詩集《寫在風的翅膀上》、《一條地平綫,兩種風景》、《黑夜與我一起躺下》、《遠方之歌》、《當魚閉上眼睛》,譯作有《葡萄牙現代詩選》、《澳門中葡詩歌選》、《安德拉德詩選》、《中國當代十詩人作品選》等十餘部。2004年獲得第十四屆“柔剛詩歌獎”。2006年獲葡萄牙總統頒授「聖地亞哥寶劍勛章」。2009 年曾舉辦名為“於斯”的裝置展覽。