TRANSFIGURATE, a new local band of Hong Kong, including the composer, arranger and Erhu performer Zhu Yunbian (Wan Pin CHU), the composer, arranger and Pianist Zhang Beizhi (Joyce) and guitar player and singer Ye Dongxian (Wayne).

Joyce graduated from Berklee College of Music with a master’s degree in performance. After graduation, Joyce actively participated in a large number of popular and jazz public performances, accumulating her performance experience. As an educator, she currently teaches Jazz at the Education University of Hong Kong.

Wan Pin won two international music competitions in the United Kingdom and the United States. Born to a family of Chinese musicians, he studied erhu, gaohu and banhu at the age of seven, under the influence of his father. After that, he participated in many international competitions and won many awards. In 2015, Wan Pin was invited to perform erhu for Xi Jinping, the President of the People’s Republic of China, and Prince William from the United Kingdom. In addition to the achievements in folk music, Wan Pin has also begun to dabble in film music and popular music in recent years. The film music composed by Wan Pin under his personal arrangement includes Ne Zha, Wu Kong, Su Su and so on, and he also plays erhu in the soundtracks of many films.

Singer Wayne graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Hong Kong and won the “18 District Super Singing Contest” in Hong Kong in 2017. He later traveled to France to participate in the “i-sing2018” international singing contest, successfully advanced to the final, and ranked third in the total score. In 2019, Wayne made great efforts to develop his career. In addition to releasing his first solo, he also participated in the musical the Diary of Beyond: Really Love You, and played the leading role in the musical “Applause” which was in memory of Zhang Guorong and Chen Baiqiang.

香港本土新晉組合,成員包括負責作曲和編曲及二胡演奏家朱芸編(Wan Pin CHU),負責作曲和編曲及鋼琴演奏的張貝芝(Joyce),吉他演奏及歌手葉冬賢(Wayne)。


曾兩次獲英、美國際音樂賽冠軍的朱芸編,出生在中樂世家,7歲在父親的熏陶下學習二胡、高胡和板胡,後陸續參與多個國際性比賽,並屢獲殊榮。 2015年,朱芸編受邀為中華人民共和國國家主席習近平伉儷和英國威廉王子伉儷表演二胡。除了民樂上的成就,朱芸編近年還開始涉獵電影配樂和流行音樂的創作,由其個人包辦配樂創作的電影包括《哪吒之魔童降世》、《悟空傳》、《素素》等,同時也在多部電影的配樂中出任二胡演奏。

歌手葉冬賢畢業於香港大學文學院,於2017年獲本地「十八區超新聲歌唱大賽」冠軍,及後遠赴法國參加「i-sing2018」國際級歌唱大賽,並成功晉級決賽,最終獲總成績排名第三。 2019年,Wayne全力發展,除推出首支個人單曲,更參演《Beyond日記之海闊天空》,以及追憶張國榮、陳百強的音樂劇《喝彩》的演出並出任主角。