Renato Sandoval BACIGALUPO – IPNHK 2019

Renato Sandoval BACIGALUPO (Peru) has published ten collections of poetry which has been translated into Danish, English, French, Finnish, German, Italian and Portuguese. He runs the Nido de Cuervos (Crows’ Nest) Publishing House as well as international literary magazines Evohé and Fórnix. He has been the director of the International Poetry Festival in Lima (FIPLIMA) and the director of the Editorial Fund of the Ministry of Culture of Peru. In 2016 won Copé Bronze National Prize for Poetry. He studied Hispanic Literatures and Linguistics (Master of Arts) at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and completed his doctoral studies in Romanic Philology at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Sandoval has taught at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and Ricardo Palma University.

雷納托.桑多瓦爾.巴希加盧波(秘魯),著有十本詩集,其作品獲翻譯成七國語言,包括丹麥語、英語、芬蘭語、法語、德語、意大利語及葡語。曾主持Nido de Cuervos (Crow’s Nest)出版社,主編國際文學雜誌Evohé和Fórnix。曾任利馬國際詩歌節主席及秘魯文化部編輯資助委員會主席。瓦西加洛普於2016年獲Copé Bronze國家詩歌獎。他在秘魯宗鐸天主教大學取得西班牙語文學及語言學碩士學位,繼而在芬蘭赫爾辛基大學獲得羅曼語系文獻學博士學位,曾於秘魯宗鐸天主教大學和里卡多帕爾馬大學任教。