Nick Admussen – IPNHK 2019 Special Guest

Nick Admussen is an associate professor of Chinese literature at Cornell University whose research focuses on contemporary poetry and translation. His first book is Recite and Refuse: Contemporary Chinese Prose Poetry and his new translations of the Sichuan poet Ya Shi, titled Floral Mutter, won the support of a PEN/Heim grant in 2017.

Nick Admussen,安敏軒,普林斯頓東亞系博士,美國康奈爾大學亞洲研究系副教授,主要從事漢語詩歌研究,2016年出版散文詩研究專著 Recite and Refuse: Contemporary Chinese Prose Poetry。翻譯的詩集《花的低語》(Floral Mutter)為當代四川詩人啞石的詩歌集。 該詩集獲2017年美國筆會/海姆翻譯獎。