Kim Hyesoon – IPNHK 2015

Kim HyesoonND-1
 Kim Hyesoon 金惠順
(1955-)SOUTH KOREA 南韓

Kim Hyesoon, was born in South Korea, received her Ph.D. in Korean Literature from Konkuk University. Beginning as a poet in 1979 with the publication of “Poet Smoking a Cigarrette” and four other poems in Literature and Intellect, she has published 10 poetry collections including: From Another Star (1981), Father’s Scarecrow (1984), The Hell of a Certain Star (1987), Our Negative Picture (1991), My Upanishad, Seoul (1994), Poor Love Machine (1997), To the Calendar Factory Supervisor (2000), A Glass of Red Mirror (2004), Your First (2008), and Sorrow toothpaste and Mirror cream (2011). Her collections have been translated into English including: Mommy Must be a Fountain of Feathers (2008), and All the Garbage of the World, Unite! (2011). She has received numerous literary prizes including the Kim Su-Yong Literary Award (1997), the Sowol Poetry Literature Award (2000) and the Midang Literature Award (2006). She lives in Seoul and teaches creative writing at the Seoul Institute of Arts.

金惠順,生於南韓,在建國大學校取得韓國文學博士學位。她從1979年就開始發表詩歌,在雜誌《文學與文智》上發表了〈詩人抽煙〉等五首詩,此後她出版了十本詩集,包括《來自別的恆星》(1981)、《父親的稻草人》(1984)、《某恆星的地獄》(1987)、《我們的負片照》(1991)、《首爾,我的奧義書》(1994) 、《可憐的愛情機器》(1997) 、《給日曆工廠經理》(2000)、《一杯紅玻璃》(2004)、《你的第一次》(2008)、《憂鬱牙膏和玻璃鏡奶油》(2011) 等。她的詩也被翻譯成英文出版:《媽媽肯定是一個羽毛噴泉》(2008) 和《全世界的垃圾,聯合起來!》(2011)。她贏得的獎項包括金洙暎文學獎 (1997)、素月詩文學獎 (2000)、未堂文學獎(2006) 等。金惠順現居首爾,於首爾藝術大學教授創意寫作。