Jordan A. Y. Smith – IPNHK 2019 Special Guest

Jordan A. Y. Smith is a translator from the Japanese and Spanish. Smith is Associate Professor of Inter-cultural studies, comparative literature, and translation at Josai International University. He is also a poet who writes in English and Japanese and Editor-in-Chief of Tokyo Poetry Journal. He has translated Yoshimasu Gozo, Furukawa Hideo, Tanikawa Shuntaro, and dozens of young poets, such as Fuzuki Yumi, Misumi Mizuki, Nagae Yūki, and Saihate Tahi. Smith sees translation as an important part of curating world literature. He translated two books by Mizuta Noriko, who appeared at Hong Kong International Poetry Nights in 2015, and helped translate poems by Yotsumoto Yasuhiro, who is participating in the events this year, and with whom he co-authored a book of poetry for a project with BBC Radio about Aokigahara (Japan’s so-called “suicide forest”).

Jordan A. Y. Smith 喬丹 · 史密斯教授是日語和西班牙語的翻譯家,現任城西國際大學副教授,任教跨文化研究,比較文學和翻譯等專業課程。他用英語和日語寫詩,任《東京詩歌雜誌》主編。他的譯作包括多位著名詩人如吉増剛造,古川日出男,谷川俊太郎等,同時還包括文月悠光,三角みづ紀,永方佑樹和最果タヒ的作品。喬丹教授認為翻譯是世界文學的重要組成部分。同時,他曾為香港國際詩歌之夜翻譯水田宗子和四元康祐的詩作,亦曾與後者合作BBC電臺的有關青木ヶ原的專案。