John Cayley – IPNHK 2019 Special Guest


John Cayley is a pioneering writer and theorist with an international reputation in the world of digital literature and computer poetry. In 2001, he won the inaugural prize in poetry offered by Electronic Literature Organization. John Cayley’s highly creative multimedia work focuses on computer software and poetics – the role of code and software in literary creation, and the temporal, dynamic aspects of literature, amongst other topics. In recent years, his research has also explored, for example, writing in immersive Virtual Reality (VR), and reading as art. His most recent project is The Listeners, working with ‘digital assistants’ and their transactive synthetic language, pushing his creative work more and more in the direction of aurature (literature in aurality, in the world of linguistic sound). His ongoing projects include The Readers Project and, as above, The Listeners ( A wide selection of work can be consulted at John Cayley is also a poet, translator, and publisher. His two print-published collections are Ink Bamboo (1996) and Image Generation (2015). Both received wide acclaim. As the small publisher, Wellsweep, he has edited and produced translations of many ancient and modern Chinese writers, chiefly for the UK market. He has, himself, translated the Chinese poets Gu Cheng, Yang Lian, Bing Xin, and others, and produced a book-length study of the Chinese artist, Xu Bing. John Cayley has taught at several British and American universities, and he is now a Professor of Literary Arts at Brown University where he directs the Digital Language Arts track of its MFA in creative writing.

凱喆安 John Cayley 是世界數碼文學和電腦詩歌的開創性作家和理論家,曾在多個英美大學任教,現為美國布朗大學文學藝術系終身教授和數碼文學碩士生導師。2001年,他榮獲世界電子文學組織(Electronic Literature Organization)的首創詩歌獎冠軍。凱喆安(John Cayley)極具創意的多媒體詩作,專注於電腦軟件與「詩意」——書寫電腦軟件在文學創作中的作用,以及文學的時間屬性等等。近年來,他的研究聚焦於探索「沉潛式虛擬現實」寫作,和以閱讀為藝術的觀念等。他最近進行的項目是The Listeners與交互式合成語言,這使他的創作越來越具有aurature(聽覺文學)的標誌。他正在進行的項目包括 The Readers Project(讀者計劃和 The Listeners(聽眾。他的作品可以在 等諸多網絡上讀到。此外,凱喆安(John Cayley)也是紙媒詩人、翻譯家和出版家。他的兩本紙媒詩集:Ink Bamboo(墨竹,1996)和 Image Generation(想像生成,2015),曾廣受好評。他在英國的出版社Wellsweep出版過許多譯作。他翻譯過中國詩人顧城、楊煉、冰心等人的詩作,並長期研究中國藝術家徐冰的作品。