Jen BERVIN (United States) is a poet and visual artist. Her publications include ten books, including Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems with Marta Werner (Christine Burgin / New Directions), Nets (UDP) and Silk Poems (Nightboat)—a long-form poem presented both as a book and as an implantable biosensor made from liquefied silk developed in collaboration with Tufts University’s Silk Lab. Bervin’s work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in more than thirty international collections. She has earned numerous awards, fellowships and grants including the Foundation for Contemporary Art, Rauschenberg Residency, Asian Cultural Council and Creative Capital.

簡.博文(美國),詩人和視覺藝術家,著有十本著作,包括她合編的《華麗無物:狄金森與維爾納詩歌信箋》(Christine Burgin/ New Directions)、《網》(UDP),以及長詩《絲詩》(Nightboat)。《絲詩》既是一本書,又是用液態絲綢製造而成的植入式生物傳感器,後者是博文跟塔夫茲大學絲綢研究所共同製作。博文的詩歌藝術作品曾在三十多個國際展覽中展出,她所獲獎項與獎助學金多不勝數,包括當代藝術基金、羅申伯格駐團藝術家、亞洲文化協會基金及創意資本。