Han Dong – IPNHK 2013

Han Dong
Han Dong 韓東
China 中國

Han Dong was born in 1961, and graduated in philosophy from Shandong University in 1982. He is a poet, novelist and screenwriter.

Chief works Poetry: White Stones [《白色的石頭》], Dad’s Looking Down On Me From The Sky [《爸爸在天上看我》] , Becoming a New Person [《重新做人》]. Short story and novella collections: Our Bodies [《我們的身體》], My Plato [《我的柏拉圖》], Bright Scars [《明亮的疤痕》] , The Dollar Beats the RMB [《美元硬過人民幣》] and This Moron is Dead [《此呆已死》]. Novels: Striking Root [《扎根》], (translated as Banished! Uni Hawai’I Press), Me and You [《我和你》], A Small Town Hero Strides Out [《小城好漢之英特邁往》], Metamorphosis of an Educated Youth [《知青變形記》] and A Chinese Lover [《中國情人》]. Screenplays: In the Qing Dynasty [《在清朝》], Beijing Days [《北京時間》] and I’ll Love You Forever [《愛你一萬年》]. Literary Prizes: Han Dong has won the Liu Li’An Poetry Prize, the Chinese Language Media Prize for Novels, the Gao Li Gong Literary Festival Chairman’s Prize and the Jin Ling Literary Prize. 《扎根》/Banished! was longlisted for the Man Asian Literary prize.

韓東 1961年5月17生,1982年畢業於山東大學哲學系。詩人、小說家、劇作家。