Guo Ting – IPNHK 2019 Special Guest

Guo Ting is currently based at the University of Hong Kong, focusing on (post)secularism and political religion, encompassing issues of gender and technology. She gained her Ph.D. in Religious Studies at the University of Edinburgh and was research fellow at Oxford and Purdue Universities before fate brought her to Hong Kong. Her article on Alan Turing, spirituality, and European secularism made the cover of Anthropology Today, and she is a contributor for Atlas of Religion in China: Social and Geographical Contexts (Brill 2018). She is currently writing a book on love as a political and religious discourse in modern China.

郭婷,上海成長,英國求學,愛丁堡大學神學院宗教學博士,後於牛津和普度大學擔任研究職位,現任教於香港大學。她關於圖靈與人工智能靈性的研究曾獲愛丁堡創新獎,並登上英國《今日人類學》封面。她的研究包括亞洲和歐洲的 (後)世俗主義、宗教與性別,目前正在撰寫一本關於「愛」作為政治和宗教話語的專著。