Eleanor Goodman – IPNHK 2019 Special Guest

Eleanor Goodman is the author of the poetry collection Nine Dragon Island (2016), and the translator of the award-winning books Something Crosses My Mind: Selected Poems of Wang Xiaoni (2014), Iron Moon: An Anthology of Chinese Workers Poetry (2017), The Roots of Wisdom: Poems by Zang Di (2017), and Days When I Hide My Corpse in a Cardboard Box: Poems of Natalia Chan (2018). She is a Research Associate at the Harvard University Fairbank Center.

顧愛玲,美國作家,詩人,翻譯家,哈佛大學費正清中國研究中心研究員,北京大學富布萊特訪問學者。 著譯有個人詩集《九龍島》,翻譯詩集《鐵月亮:打工詩歌》、《有什麼在我心裡一過:王小妮詩選》、《慧根叢書:臧棣詩選》、《自我紙盒藏屍的日子:洛楓詩選》等。