Dariusz Makaruk – IPNHK 2019 Musicians

Dariusz Makaruk

A music producer in Poland, Dariusz Makaruk is active in Warsaw’s experimental and electronic music scene. He plays his own electro-jazz and experimental ambient music repertoire. Moreover, Makaruk is an audiovisual artist. He composes theater music and illustrates silent movie screenings with modern soundtrack. He is a member of Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music (PSeME), a Polish department of CIME/ICEM in Bourges supported by UNESCO. Makaruk is an Artistic Director of Moving Closer Innovative Art Festival organised in Warsaw, Poland and Laserowa Noc Festival organised in Kielce, Poland.

Makaruk has a close link to Poland’s jazz music scene. He has his own jazz duo Kinior & Makaruk and he also coproduces contemporary jazz music projects and performs with renowned jazz music performers, including Polish trumpet legend Tomasz Stanko. In an attempt to revive Polish traditional music, he created Taboo Folktals, a worldwide fusion of free jazz, electronic music, Polish traditional psalms, Shaman and Tuva elements. As an audiovisual performer, he creates interactive Mapping for public architecture, modern dances, music festivals, theaters and so on.

波蘭音樂製作人達里烏斯.馬卡魯克,長期活躍在華沙的電子和實驗音樂界,電聲爵士和實驗的氛圍音樂是其標誌性的音樂風格,馬卡魯克同時也是一名聲音視覺(audiovisual)藝術家,創作劇場音樂,以及默片配樂。 馬卡魯克是波蘭電聲⾳音樂學會(PSeME)的成員,該學會是聯合國教科文組織支持的國際電子音樂聯合會(CIME / ICEM)的分部。馬卡魯克也是波蘭兩個藝術節,Moving Closer創新藝術節和Laserowa Noc藝術節的藝術總監。

馬卡魯克與波蘭的爵士音樂場景有著密切的聯繫,他有自己的爵士二重奏計劃Kinior & Makaruk,也與不少波蘭當代爵士音樂家合作專輯和現場演出,包括波蘭傳奇爵士音樂家,小號手Tomasz Stanko。馬卡魯克同時也致力波蘭傳統音樂的複興,他的Taboo Folktales計劃是結合自由爵士、電子音樂、波蘭傳統唱詠、薩滿與圖瓦元素的世界性融合創作。作為視像藝術家,馬卡魯克的互動Mapping創作見於公共建築,現代舞,音樂節,劇院等等。