Chow Yiu Fai – IPNHK 2017

Chow Yiu Fai
 Chow Yiu Fai 周耀輝

Chow Yiu Fai has worked in many media. He has been writing song lyrics since his first publication in 1989, and by now they number upwards of 1000. His books include Suddenly, Decades Ago, 7749: Forty-nine Exercises on Everyday Creativity, The Phobia Book, Blue Stained Paper, and One Body, Two People. He moved to the Netherlands in 1992 and received a PhD in 2011 from the University of Amsterdam. Since returning to Hong Kong he has taught at Hong Kong Baptist University and now is an associate professor at its Department of Humanities and Creative Writing. His lyrics and writings have won numerous prizes.

周耀輝,畢業於香港大學英國語文及比較文學系,其後參與多種媒體工作。1989年發表第一首詞作,書寫歌詞及其他文字創作至今,出版約一千首詞作,以及文集《突然十年便過去》、《7749》、《假如我們甚麼都不怕》、《紙上染了藍》、《一個身體,兩個人》,曾獲多個詞作及其他文學獎項。 1992年移居荷蘭。2011年獲阿姆斯特丹大學傳媒學院博士學位,回港加入浸會大學,現任人文及創作系副教授。近年亦參與舞台及視覺藝術創作。