Cheri Gao – IPNHK 2019 Musicians

Cheri Gao

Xinjiang songstress Cheri Gao is the first singer of the hit song “Red Snow Lotus”, the groundbreaking work of Xinjiang pop music that entered the mainland. The winner of the best singer award at the “Premio Lunezia” music award in Italy. She has participated in the International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong in 2015 and 2017, as well as many poetry-related activities. Gao started her singing career as a full-time singer at the age of twenty. With “Red Snow Lotus”, Gao began a new stage of music. Her singing is exquisite, and her voice is sweet and simple. In 2011, Gao’s first personal ballad album “Dai Di Dao” was published, which was co-produced by Gao, Kazakh musician and classical guitar master Murat Sherzati, and Xinjiang musician Shubailang. This album embodies years of painstaking effort of Gao. The beautiful melody woven by her simple and natural voice creates a kind of tranquil beauty for the whole album. At present, Gao’s second album is also underway.

高櫻,新疆籍女歌手,新疆流行音樂走向內地的開山作《紅雪蓮》的首唱者,意大利魯尼茲亞音樂獎最佳歌手獎得主,曾參加2015、2017年香港國際詩歌之夜,也多次參加其它詩歌相關的活動。高櫻在二十歲便以全職歌手身份開始自己的歌唱事業,憑《紅雪蓮》為人認識並開啟新的音樂階段。高櫻的演唱細膩,聲音甜美樸實。2011年,高櫻首張個人民謠專輯《Dai Di Dao》出版,由高櫻與哈薩克斯坦音樂家、古典吉他大師穆拉特.謝力扎提,新疆音樂人白郎共同製作完成。該專輯凝聚了高櫻多年的生命沉澱,其質樸自然的聲音所編織出的優美旋律,為整張專輯營造出一種寧靜之美。目前高櫻第二張專輯也在製作當中。