Ash Koosha – IPNHK 2019 Musicians

Ash Koosha

Ash Koosha is a British-Iranian music producer, electronic musician, multi-instrument composer and film director. In the early 1990s, he began to learn to produce music on his own. In 2004, he left high school and went to study composition in the Tehran Conservatory of Music. He gradually produced music and other unusual sounds on the computer. He gave the performance with other musicians, founded rock and indie bands, and was invited to compose the score for movies. Later on, he turned to the electronic music and joined Ninja Tune, an English electronic music label. In 2016, Ash released his first album – I AKA I, which makes a sound sculpture through VR and reproduces his experience on synesthesia. It was thought to be “secret, exciting electronic music” by British media. His albums that followed have been closely connected with technology.

In addition to being a musician, Ash Koosha co-founded an AI concept company, Auxuman, with Isabella Winthrop, a new media artist. It aims to make AI a virtual partner that would cooperate with human musicians, and provide innovative ideas and assistance in creative tasks, and thus in turn inspire human creativity. Since last year, Ash Koosha has developed a virtual partner named YONA. The latest album Return 0 was completed by Ash Koosha and YONA. YONA learns from Ash’s music and reproduces new songs and lyrics, like a like-minded music partner.

Auxuman recently released a music collection Auxuman Vol.1, containing the songs by 5 AI singers. Ash Koosha calls it “the first album created wholly by AI in human history”, of which music and songs were completed by AI independently.

Ash Koosh and YONA will join the International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

艾什.古沙,現居英國的伊朗籍音樂製作人、電子音樂家,多重樂器作曲家、電影導演。 90年代初開始嘗試自學製作音樂,2004年休學後進入德黑蘭音樂學院學習作曲,並逐漸開始用電腦製作音樂,各種不常規的聲響,也開始了與其他音樂人一同演出,以及組建過搖滾和獨立音樂樂隊,甚至被邀請為電影做配樂。及後他開始轉向電子音樂的創作,並成為了英國電子音樂廠牌Ninja Tune旗下音樂家。 2016年,Ash出版個人首張專輯《I AKA I》,利用VR形成聲音雕塑,並重現他對聯覺synesthesia體驗。被英國媒體評論為“私密的、令人興奮的電子音樂”。及後發表的多張專輯,也與科技有著濃厚連結。

除了音樂家的身份,Ash Koosha還與新媒體藝術家Isabella Winthrop合作創辦了人工智能概念公司Auxuman,目的是研究讓AI 成為虛擬合夥人並與人類合作,在創造性的任務中提供創新的想法與協助,藉此希望激發人類的潛力。過去一年多時間,Ash一直在開發一個名為YONA虛擬音樂人。 Ash Koosha的最新專輯《Return 0》便是由Ash與YONA一同合作完成。 YONA依照Ash的音樂做學習,並以此再產生新的歌曲與歌詞,就如同一個志同道合的音樂夥伴。

Auxuman不久前發行了一張音樂合輯《Auxuman Vol.1》,收錄了5位AI歌手演唱的歌曲,Ash Koosha稱之為“人類歷史上第一張全AI創作專輯”,從歌手到歌曲,完全由AI獨立完成。

本屆香港國際詩歌之夜活動,Ash Koosh將攜YONA一同出席。