Andrea Lingenfelter – IPNHK 2019 Special Guest

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Andrea Lingenfelter is a writer and translator whose published books include The Changing Room: Selected Poetry of Zhai Yongming (Northern California Book Award winner), Hon Lai Chu’s The Kite Family, (NEA Translation Fellowship grantee), Li Pik-wah’s Farewell My Concubine and The Last Princess of Manchuria, and Candy and Vanishing Act by Mian Mian. Her poetry and prose translations have appeared in ManoaGrantaChinese Literature Today, PathlightZoland Poetry AnnualWords Without BordersAsian CHATwo LinesChicago Review, and elsewhere. Her own work has appeared in various publications, including Strix and Asian CHA. Current book-length translation projects include a collection of poems by Wang Yin, Zhai Yongming’s Following Huang Gongwang Through the Fuchun Mountains, and Wang Anyi’s novel Scent of Heaven. She is a contributor to the Los Angeles Review of Books and its affiliated China Channel, and is a two-time Vermont Studio Center Luce Translation Fellowship recipient (with Wang Yin [2017) and Cao Shuying [2019] respectively). Currently based in Northern California, she teaches literary translation and literature and film of the Asia Pacific at the University of San Francisco.

凌靜怡 Andrea Lingenfelter,加州大學聖地牙哥畢業,耶魯大學碩士,華盛頓州大學(西雅圖)博士,詩人,翻譯家,獨立學者,現於三藩市大學任教翻譯和當代東亞文學與電影等課程。博士論文A Marked Category 研究九位現當代詩人,包括林徽因,鄭敏,西西,翟永明,夏宇等。翻譯作品有李碧華的小說《霸王別姬》和《川島芳子》,棉棉的小說《糖》和《一線》,韓麗珠的短篇小說集《風箏家族》,翟永明的選 《更衣室》,陳凱歌的 《風月》的字幕,林子的《海上城市》的字幕;還翻譯過不少兩岸三地的詩人 (楊牧、王寅、曹疏影、陳克華、夏宇、劉克襄、池凌雲、零雨等)和小說家的著作,發表在 Asian ChaTwo LinesGrantaChinese Literature TodayWorld Literature TodayChicago ReviewMantisZoland Poetry Annual。凌靜怡博士曾取得美國亨利 · 魯斯基金會中國詩歌與翻譯獎學金, 美國國家藝術基金會的2014年文學翻譯獎學金,與加州北部書獎。目前的翻譯計劃有:一本王寅的詩集,王安憶的長篇小說《天香》,和翟永明的《雖黃公望游富春山》。評論有The Quarterly Conversation的書評和LARB China Channel的評論。詩歌發表在Asian ChaStrix等刊物。