Salvador Marinaro | 薩爾瓦多·馬里納羅(馬濟民)

Salvador Marinaro | 薩爾瓦多.馬里納羅(馬濟民)

Salvador Marinaro is a poet, writer, and scholar from Argentina. In 2010, he published “Symphony of Vertigo,” a poetry book, followed by the release of his story collection, A Decent Sorrow, in 2018. His stories and articles have been published in many journals, such as Ñ, Anfibia, Altaïr, Brando, and Le Monde Diplomatique. Simultaneously, he has contributed to international media outlets such as The New York Times and China International Television. For his work, he was awarded the Azucena Villaflor Prize by the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo and the Argentine Ministry of Culture. In addition, he has received the Argentine Northwest Territories Literary Award and the Philosophy Under-40 Award, which is given to the best essay writer under 40 years old. In 2021, he was selected as a Writer-in-Residence at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. Since 2019, he has been teaching at Fudan University and co-editing the magazine Chopsuey with Lucina Carzoglio.

阿根廷詩人、作家和文學評論家。2010 年,出版了詩集《醉人的交響樂》。2018 年,出版了故事集《一份體面的悲傷》。他寫的故事、紀事被發表在諸多期刊上,如ÑAnfibiaAltaïrBrandoPágina/12等。同時,他還為國際傳媒撰稿,比如《紐約時報》和中國國際電視台。作品被「五月廣場母親」 以及阿根廷文化部共同授予阿蘇塞娜·維拉弗勒獎。曾獲阿根廷西北地區文學獎以及菲洛索菲亞四十歲以下獎(該獎項專門授予當年年紀四十歲以下最好的隨筆作家)。2021 年,被選為斯沃琪和平藝術酒店的駐留作家。2019 年起,供職於上海復旦大學,和盧西拉.卡爾索格里奧共同主編Chopsuey雜誌。